Welcome Wine Club members!

Our “Puffin & Friends” Wine Club is unlike any other wine club you’ve been a member of. In addition to offering our own delicious Puffin wines, we’re including amazing wines from some of our favorite Pacific Northwest wineries. That’s right…you get Puffin wines AND wines from other local wineries.

The inclusion of a “Friends” wine is the most unique and popular feature of our Wine Club. Our “Friends” wine makes this Wine Club truly special. We own a wine store in the Pacific Northwest and have rare access to many hard to get and highly rated wines. I judge Northwest wines several times every year and get to taste some of the finest (and little known) bottlings. One of the best parts of selecting the wines to send with each shipment is deciding which of these super special wines to send to you.

The Wine Club releases are available for either pick up, or shipping to residents of Oregon and California due to restrictive shipping laws across all other states.

Feel free to contact me at any time, I’d love to talk wine. And I hope to see you soon here at The Wine Shack.

Cheers! – Steven